Achievers World Wide has been providing training and development processes for our valued clients since 2002. Telephone Skills Assessments, both mystery and scheduled have proven to be a valuable measurement tool for Leaders to effectively manage and coach sales teams to move beyond the habit of 'order taking'.

Sales Professionals are assessed based on a criteria that would provide the best measurement of their skills, including their ability to quickly determine if the business is profitable and their ability to convert business with the highest possible level of commitment. The Telephone Skill Assessments are tailored specifically to Achievers World Wide Situational Selling skills and incorporate your requested parameters.

The AWW Telephone Skills Assessment Program includes:

Additional Telephone Skill Assessment Programs include:

Coaching the Sales Professional

We are pleased to offer Coaching Sessions following Achievers World Wide Sales Skills and Competitive Analysis Assessment calls. The three-way coaching sessions lead by our Executive Director, Chrissie Bergstrom who will speak with both the Sales Leader and the Sales Associate to review the Telephone Skills Assessment results and current sales performance to establish performance management and improvement goals.


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